The CTI Roofing Story

It was almost 20 Years ago after working for several years as a carpenter and construction foreman that Reed Haws decided to launch his own business focusing on the simplest aspect of home construction - roofing services in Utah. He wanted to create a company where customers could have Confidence in the service, Trust the company to guarantee the work and Integrity to deliver exactly what was promised. CTI Roofing was christened and Reed began to build his dream. 

He decided to focus on storm restoration and hired people who had insurance claims processing experience to better help homeowners get repairs done with as little out of pocket expense as possible. It worked. In fact, it worked too well.

CTI experienced rapid growth without the necessary systems and processes to support those gains. Layers of policies and people were added in order to correct the problem but the dissatisfaction of customers and the deterioration of workmanship continued as the company tried to fulfill all of the commitments created by the jump in sales. Something needed to be done and Reed made a radical decision to stop the growth and alter the course of CTI. 

The Problem

Build a company with the right people, tools and processes that ensure a customer’s needs and expectations are exceeded, all while remaining profitable with a team that has 110% job satisfaction. 

The Solution

Reed evaluated the business from top to bottom and found several issues. The first error was incorrect processes were in place, supported by insufficient software and equipment. The second issue was obvious, but still painful. Reed realized he had the wrong people in the wrong seats and personnel changes would be necessary. Tough decisions were made and the company was right-sized and refocused to run LEAN with an agile mindset. 

It worked.

Today CTI Roofing has been rebuilt with a foundation that will support Reed's original dream. Sure, a lot of mistakes have been made. In fact, the CTI team would say they found 100 different ways to grow a company the wrong way and another way to do it right.

The CTI Way - Today.  

Our Purpose

Create a customer-centered enterprise wherein individuals can personally and professionally thrive & prosper on a faithful, intentional team, consistently going-all-out to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Our Values

Customer Centered

Our sole purpose is to deliver an outstanding experience to you so you’re delighted and motivated to be our greatest community advocate.


We believe in doing the right thing at the right time. Every time. 

People Centered

We regard people as our greatest asset. Most importantly you, our customer and community advocate.                                                                        


We stand behind our work-product and our word, believing “well done is better than well said”. Our actions will match our words so we earn your trust and confidence in our integrity. 

Our Team

Reed Haws

CEO & Visionary

"A person who sees a problem is a human being; a person who finds a solution is visionary; and the person who does something about it is an entrepreneur."

Laura Jo Richens

Dir number crunching

"Computer technology started out as people doing number crunching with parchment, quill and ink."

Paul Foster

 Dir Customer Interaction

"We don't want to push our ideas on to customers, we simply want to deliver what they need and want."

Carl Salanga

 Dir Customer intelligence

"The right things get done at the right time only when the right data is available for people who can make a difference."

Jose Perez

DIR Customer Fulfillment

"You've got to mean it. Customers know when you’re playing stringing them along versus actually responding to their needs."

T. John Roberts

DIR Customer Attraction

“A company brand is like personal reputation for an individual. You earn your brand by doing tough things well and timely for your customers." 

Our Process

Right People on The Bus

Everything starts with having the right people in the right seats on the bus. Great people who believe in teamwork are the most important thing to the success of CTI.

Effective / Efficient BPM

The right people cannot be chosen unless the system is designed right in the first place. We use LEAN tools to design our processes so only the things that are necessary and sufficient to deliver our desired outcome are included in any process. 

Effective Training

Our people are thoroughly trained in our processes, but also know the decision and value criteria that led to the process creation. We push decision authority to the lowest level possible in CTI. That way, there are no delays in delivering customer satisfaction. 

Excellent Execution

Effective business design allows us to do the right things. Effective training allows us to do things right. The LEAN philosophy ensures we execute those things in the most efficient manner possible so our customers get what they want exactly when they have been promised. 

Outstanding Experience

Our goal is to have zero defects in customer satisfaction and zero defects in our craftsmanship. We strive to improve on this every single day and have designed our business flywheel so each step builds upon the other to deliver an awesome experience with us. 

Raving Customers

A delighted customer that raves about their experience is the best form of advertising. In fact, this last part of our flywheel feeds the first step by attracting great people to a great company. You're the biggest part of that cycle. Thanks for being a part of the journey. 

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