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Free Roof Inspections require a little preparation. Please fill out the form below and give us as much info as you can about your roof. Make sure you pick a good time when you will be home because we need your involvement to complete an accurate estimate. If the time you pick is not available, we will email or text you with alternative dates that work for us both.

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Tell us the best day and time to conduct your free roof inspection:

Why We Need You Home When We Provide Free Roofing Inspections

When you need roof repairs or a replacement of an entire roofing system, there are many things that need to be accomplished, but the first step taken is a roof inspection. We provide free roof inspections no matter how far we travel, but we do need you to be there for a couple of reasons:

  1. Your neighbors may be a little curious about someone walking your roof when you are not home.
  2. If there is evidence of deterioration that could result in water damage, we may need to look in your attic. Remember – water will run and may not be visible from inside your house. Once it is visible on the inside of the house, it’s already too late to take preventative measures that will cure the problem before it hits the inside of your home. So it’s truly best to take a look before it becomes an emergency.
  3. You need to choose your shingle and other materials. The type and quality of the shingle you use to replace your roof or do a repair has an effect on the price. If you are not there to choose the materials, we cannot give you an estimate that is accurate.