Phoenix Roofing Services for Concrete Roofing That Can Beat the Phoenix Heat


Phoenix Roofing Services for Tile Roofing

Looking for the perfect new roof for your Phoenix home? If you love the look of clay, stone, or slate tiles, but don’t love their high cost and high maintenance, CTI Roofing is here with a surprisingly affordable alternative: a concrete tile roof installation.What makes concrete tiles different?Compared to many other roofing materials, a concrete tile roof replacement offers exceptional strength and life expectancy at the lowest cost to you. With CTI, these unique roofing tiles can be customized to your preferences and are backed by impressive long-term warranties.Here’s the bottom line: We have 15+ years of experience as a tile roofing contractor in Phoenix, and we’ll make sure you get the absolute best new roof for you!

Roof Tile Types and Styles Available from CTI

Not sure how concrete roof tiles actually look? If you’re thinking that they must resemble regular old concrete, prepare to be surprised! Concrete roof tiles can be made in virtually any color, texture, and style—and, when perfectly installed, are almost indistinguishable from more expensive natural materials like slate and clay.

It gets even better.

Along with the stylish look, our concrete roof tiles are installed atop best-in-class underlayment that is:

  • Manufactured by Recognized Industry Leader Polyglass U.S.A.
  • Designed to Withstand the Extremely High Temperatures of Phoenix
  • Made from Rubberized SBS Modified Material with Self-Adhering Extreme Guard
  • The Top Manufacturer-Recommended Product on the Market Today!

Phoenix Roofing Services for Tile Roof Replacement

No matter the look you want to achieve with your cement roof tile replacement, the basic process will be the same. We rely on our Total Quality Management (TQM) process to deliver an efficient, professional roofing service over three straightforward steps.

Step 1: Free Roof Inspection

When you contact us about your roof, we’ll start by scheduling a free consultation from an experienced roofer in Phoenix. We’ll survey your home, work with you to choose the right material and style, and then give you a free quote for the total cost of your tile roof replacement. We promise a collaborative, educational approach with no sales pressure.

Step 2: Removal of Old Material

Once you’ve hired us, we’ll get to work as efficiently as possible! Our licensed, insured, and certified roofers will first remove any damaged or worn-out components, including both underlayment and tiles. With any re-roof or new roof project in Phoenix, we’ll also replace up to 100 square feet of damaged decking.

Step 3: Installation of Underlayment and Roof

After your roof has been properly prepared and double-checked, we’ll complete the installation to the highest standards. Our comprehensive roofing systems cover more than just the tiles, too! We’ll make sure to optimize the beauty and protection of your new system by replacing all of the components:

  • Rubberized Underlayment
  • Mortar Joints
  • Flashings
  • Wood Battens
  • Concrete Tiles

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Whether you’re ready to commit to a concrete tile roof installation or are still considering the various materials available, why not start by contacting CTI Roofing? Just give our certified Phoenix roofing contractors a call today to learn more! If you’d like to schedule your free cost estimate, go ahead and submit our quick online form now.

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