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Our Story

Almost 20 years ago, Reed Haws decided he wanted to be in business for himself after working as a carpenter and then foreman. However, instead of building custom homes, he would focus on roofing because it was a simple element of home building. He wanted a company in which a customer could have confidence, trust and that operated on a foundation of integrity. CTI was christened and Reed set out to build his dream.

He slowly began to assemble a quality team and saw an opportunity in the storm restoration business that was quickly profitable and afforded CTI tremendous growth. In spite of that growth, the business suffered from quality issues, inefficiency and too much employee turnover. It was too much growth, too fast. That was when Reed decided there had to be a better way.

The Problem

How do you create a home services company (Roofing) that is lean & efficient. Where employees thrive and customers are become your biggest advocates?

The Solution

He set out on a mission to right size the company and assemble a better team with a culture that focused intently on the experience of the customer. That team would create a company providing a career path for its people with opportunities for professional development and growth.

It’s taken three years to lay the foundation of people and processes to support that mission. But even though we’ve come a long way, we know it’s just the beginning. A starting point and foundation to be built upon through a never ending process of continuous improvement.

Sure, we have made a lot of mistakes along the way. In fact, all of us at CTI like to say, “We know 100 ways to build a company the wrong way. But we also know a great way to do it right – our way today”.

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Our Organizational Purpose:

Create a people-center enterprise through which individuals can personally and professionally thrive and prosper as a member of a faithful team who consistently delivers an outstanding customer experience.

Our Core Values


We value customer  fulfillment and want every customer to be our most enthusiastic advocate.


This company is not about its founder. CTI is about serving every person in our circle of influence. Most importantly you, our customer.


We believe in being steady. We want you to feel you’ve been with a team you can count on; who exceeds your expectations and adds value to every aspect of your experience with us.

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Highly Accredited

You’re working with seasoned vetted professionals

We Repair, Replace & Recondition Your Roof Because everything you care about is under your roof!

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