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Celebrating Over 20 Years of Expertise in Wind and Storm Damage Solutions

Welcome to CTI Roofing, your first line of defense against wind damage roofs and the encompassing effects of storm damage in Salt Lake City, Tooele, Davis County, Ogden, and Logan Counties. Winds can be fierce and relentless, leaving behind a trail of torn shingles, broken tiles, and sometimes even deeper structural damage. Just as with hail damage, if wind damage isn’t addressed quickly, it may pave the way for leaks, internal water damage, and possible structural vulnerabilities.

In the face of devastating winds and storm damage, a quick and reliable solution is crucial. For over 20 years, CTI Roofing has safeguarded homes against Utah’s unpredictable weather conditions. Recognizing the unique challenges wind presents in Utah, we stress the importance of swift repairs to prevent complications. Procrastinating on repairs after a wind damage roof incident can escalate issues, possibly leading to larger and costlier fixes in the future. With CTI Roofing, you’re assured a timely solution, keeping your home intact and safe.

Why Trust CTI Roofing with Your Wind and Storm Damage Repairs?

Quality Materials Built to Resist

Much like our approach to hail damage, quality remains paramount for wind damage solutions. We proudly associate with renowned roofing brands such as IKO and Owens Corning. Your roof isn’t just a barrier; it’s a long-term commitment to your property’s safety. Our premium materials promise that regardless of wind damage or other storm damage, your roof remains resilient and steadfast, catering to both residential and commercial properties.

Utah’s Wind Patterns: Our Local Mastery

Our deep-rooted experience in the Utah community means we’re experts in confronting local weather challenges, including those posed by strong winds, storm damage, and, of course, hail damage. As insurance claim experts, we guide you smoothly through the claims process, ensuring your wind damage claims are handled with utmost efficiency and favorability.

Affordable Solutions for Wind Damage Roof & Other Storm Damage in Utah

The aftermath of a violent windstorm can be overwhelming, especially when your roof sustains the majority of the damage. Across Utah, from Salt Lake City to Davis County, we address your wind and storm damage repair needs without straining your finances.

Thorough Damage Evaluation & Restoration

When your roof falls victim to wind damage or other storm-related harms, our team stands ready. We’ll scrutinize the damage, liaise with your insurance company as trusted insurance claim experts, and offer roof repair solutions. Should a full replacement be required, we’re on hand to give you an estimate and assist in choosing the ideal roofing system tailored to your requirements.

Pinpoint Repairs Embracing Total Quality Management

The durability and longevity of your roof take precedence. Our Total Quality Management (TQM) approach ensures that each repair, while prompt, upholds the zenith of quality standards. Catering to areas including Davis County and the larger Salt Lake City region, we commit to brilliance in every endeavor.

Assured Warranty Protection: Peace Of Mind in the Face of Utah’s Winds

Trusting CTI Roofing means more than a temporary mend; it’s a sustained pledge to your home’s protection and your peace of mind in the face of wind and storm damage.

Five-Year Workmanship Warranty

Every repair or replacement for wind damage comes with a solid five-year workmanship warranty. It’s our guarantee that our work will endure, even against the fiercest winds.

Extended Manufacturer Warranties

Beyond our commitment, your roof benefits from supplemental manufacturer warranties. Collaborating with top-tier brands permits us to offer you this bonus level of assurance against wind damage and other challenges.

With CTI Roofing, you’re not just getting a service; you’re investing in a promise – a promise to stand against wind damage, hail damage, and any storm that Utah’s skies might bring.

Roofing Excellence Since 2003: Your Trusted Choice For Wind And Storm Damage Solutions

At CTI Roofing, we’ve been stalwarts of roofing excellence since 2003. As a family-owned, BBB-accredited enterprise and esteemed insurance claim experts, our dedication to offering supreme roofing solutions remains steadfast. With wind damage becoming an increasing concern, we stand tall with our 5-year workmanship guarantee. Embracing the core principles of Confidence, Trust, and Integrity, we’re committed to ensuring you benefit from the best roofing materials and service on the market.

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