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Roofing system problems are not always as obvious as a leaky ceiling.

Your roof is one of the most important elements of your home. The old adage “a roof over your head” is used in countless conversations across the world. It’s one of the fundamental things that makes your house a house. Needless to say, it’s important that your roof is in good shape. So if you’re unsure about if you need a new roof, here are 5 signs to look for:

1. Leaks

This is one of the most obvious signs you can look for. A small nail hole conducting water through your roof is usually nothing to worry about and can be fixed fairly easily. But larger drips or streams of water can be signs of failing shingles, tar paper, or decking that may require a new roof.

2. Curling Shingles

Shingles that start to curl are a sure sign that they have to go. Shingles curl when they are old or a roof is improperly vented. This curling can allow water penetration and ultimately can cause damage to your roof decking and interior spaces. Some older houses may have used asbestos shingles that were prone to curling, so make sure you consult with a professional who can tell you if hazardous material mitigation will be part of the replacement.

3. Sagging

Sagging roof lines are something no one wants to see. Sagging often happens from damaged trusses or improper framing that can’t hold the weight of the roof. It can happen to properly installed roofs as well after heavy snowfall or tree damage. If you see sagging, it might be able to be fixed from inside, but it could mean that you need to take the roof off and reframe certain spots and shore them up.

4. Missing Decking

Older houses may not have had their roofs built to code. Modern roofing code requires that there be no spacing at all in the decking, whereas older houses may have gaps between the roof boards. If you can see space in between your decking from inside, you might need new decking to bring your roof up to code.

5. Poor flashing

If you have a complex roofline, then proper flashing is a must. Flashing prevents water from penetrating spots where the roof and house meet, such as next to a dormer or chimney. If you’re flashing is failing or in poor shape, there’s not much of a choice but to rip off the shingles and install it the right way. This can often reveal water damage that can lead to a bigger job than originally anticipated.

While roofs are expensive to replace, the only thing more expensive is not fixing them. By not taking care of your roof, you’re putting everything inside in jeopardy. While it might just be water getting through your roof, it can lead to rot, mold, bugs and other scary stuff that we bet you’d rather not find out about. Taking care of your roof is critical in maintaining the value and health of your home.  

Reach Out For Help

If you are having any of the above issues, or you suspect some other kind of problem with your roofing system, contact us today. Our inspections are free of charge and if you have legitimate storm damage, a complete roof replacement may be only as expensive as your homeowners insurance deductible.