The roof is one of the most important exterior parts of the house, as it serves as a layer of protection against harsh weather conditions and outside elements. While asphalt shingles are commonly used for the roofs of American homes, concrete tiles are also gaining in popularity due to their high performance and aesthetic appeal. 

However, beneath the top layer of the roofing structure, there are other less apparent components to consider in a roof structure. In this article, our team at Guardian Roof & Solar, a trusted tile roofing contractor and home remodeler in Phoenix, AZ, will share everything you need to know about the underlayment involved in a tile roof installation. 

What is Tile Roof Underlayment?

Basically, a tile roof underlayment is a waterproof barrier material installed onto the roof deck and under all other roofing materials. The underlayment works to safeguard your home from external elements. Below are three types of underlayment:

  • Asphalt-saturated Felt: Also called “felt paper” or “tar paper”, this used to be the go-to roof underlayment before synthetic products became popular. It is made of varying blends of cellulose, polyester, bitumen, or asphalt.
  • Non-bitumen Synthetic Underlayment: Also known as synthetic underlayment, this is the preferred option by most professionals, as the addition of fiberglass provides excellent tear resistance and stability.
  • Rubberized Asphalt: Compared to other types of roofing underlayment, rubberized asphalt is more expensive due to the higher percentage of asphalt and rubber polymers that create a waterproof seal between the roof deck and underlayment.

Types of Roof Replacement

A reliable tile roofing contractor should be able to provide various types of roof replacement that homeowners can choose from. Our contractor team at Guardian Roof & Solar, for example, will advise you on what is best for your home to ensure that the new tile roof installation or roof replacement is suitable in terms of durability, performance, cost, and aesthetic appeal. 

Here are the various types of roof replacements:

  • Concrete Tile Roof Replacement: Although concrete tiles might not seem like the most stylish or effective material for your home’s roof, Guardian Roof & Solar provide industrial tiles that are created to mimic clay, stone, slate, or wood—thereby offering the attractiveness of natural materials without the high cost of installation and maintenance.

  • Asphalt Shingles: One of the most common types of roof in the United States which involves asphalt as a waterproofing material. Asphalt shingles can last anywhere between 20 to 50 years on average.
  • Metal Roofing: If you are looking for a durable, energy-efficient, and stylish roofing material, it is recommended to opt for metal roofing. However, on the downside, this type can cost twice or three times more when compared to other materials, may expand or contract, and can be very noisy during heavy rains or hailstorms.

Additionally, we install custom-designed concrete tile roofs over top quality underlayment that provides an exceptional waterproof barrier against extreme weather conditions. Guardian Roof & Solar’s roof underlayment has the following features:

  • Created with industry-leading Polyglass products.
  • Resistant against high-temperature conditions.
  • Manufactured with self-adhering extreme guard for installation that involves fewer nail holes.
  • Topped with excellent-quality, rubberized SBS-modified materials.

Process of Tile Roof Replacement

If you need to upgrade your worn-out roof, Guardian Roof & Solar will go about the job in these three simple steps:

  1. Free roof inspection and evaluation.
  2. Removing old underlayment and roof tiles.
  3. Installation of new rubberized underlayment, mortar joints, and flashings, as well as replacement of wood battens and tiles.

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