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A Tile Roof is A Stunning Investment


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Tile Replacement and Restoration

You’ve certainly heard of asphalt shingles, but have you heard of concrete tiles? If concrete on the roof sounds strange to you, then you probably don’t realize just how high-performance and attractive a concrete tile roof replacement can be.

At family-owned CTI Roofing, our mission is always to do what’s best for your unique home, and for many of our satisfied customers, a tile installation is the perfect choice in terms of overall durability, cost, beauty, and performance.

As a trusted tile roofing contractor for over 15 years, we never settle for the bare minimum—so you shouldn’t, either! Work with our certified roofing experts to restore or replace your roof with the best materials that the industry has to offer.

High Durability, High Flying Style

Concrete may not sound like the most stylish or high-end construction material, but concrete roof tiles from CTI Roofing are anything but industrial. In fact, these tiles can be made to mimic clay, slate, stone, or even wood—giving you the beauty of premium natural materials without any of their drawbacks (like high cost and high maintenance).

Even better for you?

Our custom-designed concrete tiles are installed over the top manufacturer-recommended underlayment! To create a reliable waterproof barrier against extreme weather, our roofing underlayment is:

  • Manufactured by Industry Leader Polyglass
  • Certified for High-Temperature Conditions
  • Built with Self-Adhering Extreme Guard for Reliable Installs with Fewer Nail Holes
  • Topped with the Highest-Quality Rubberized SBS Modified Material

Tile Roof Replacement Process

At CTI Roofing, we strive to be more than just a skilled team of roofers by advocating for your needs and your long-term satisfaction at every step of the way. And it takes only three quick steps to upgrade your outdated roof to our industry-leading concrete tiles!

Step 1: Free Roof Inspection

We’ll start by sending an experienced team member to your home for a free roof inspection. We’ll examine your roof, discuss our many cement tile options, and then provide a detailed quote for the job. Our roof replacement cost estimates come with no sales pressure, so you’ll be free to make your own choice on your own time.

Step 2: Removal of Old Underlayment and Tiles

If you decide to move forward with your cement roof tile replacement, we’ll have our licensed, insured, and certified roofers get to work on the most convenient date for you. To make sure your new roofing system is as durable as possible, we’ll remove all worn-out underlayment and any broken or outdated tiles.

We’ll also replace up to 100 square feet of damaged decking with any re-roof or new roof!

Step 3: New Roof Installation

Once we’ve removed the worn-down parts and have properly prepared the roofing surface, we’ll get to work installing your new roof. Our comprehensive systems include:

  • New Rubberized Underlayment
  • New Mortar Joints
  • New Flashing
  • Replacement Wood Battens
  • Replacement Tiles

After we’re done, we’ll review your warranty coverage together so that your new roof provides the long-term value and performance you deserve.

Grab a Precise Quote Today for Your Tile Roof Installation

Interested in learning more about your options for a roof installation? Then call CTI Roofing today to speak with a member of our BBB-accredited roofing company! To get the process started with a free roof inspection, fill out our quick online form right now.

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